HELENA THULIN is about a Poetic exploration of a future endangered Biodiversity.

It is the chimerical energy of a saved moment. A contrast between Past and Future highlighting the malleability and the power of Nostalgia, with the presentiment of a mutating Nature : response to humanity's neglect.

It is about assuming your body, the marks of time and of experiences, the freedom to be yourself. It is not about sexual identity. It is about daring being suggestive, subversive, playful, in one’s creative expression facing the world. It is the ablation of genders or labels. It is about not complying to any injonction, any violence, it is being part and in interaction with the Eco-system.

It is the sound of silence, the one that suspends time or that prevents an upcoming autopsy. It is the sparkling color of Nature in the midst of a clinical whiteness, ready for dissection. It is a repertory of botanical references, a mythical contemporary archeology, shaped in singular and determined forms. It is the fragility that leads to Delicacy and Cohabitation. 

It is a constant dialogue between temporalities, a tribute to flourishing places all over the world and the premonition of an uncertain biological evolution. It is a tormented symbolism of two opposite forces: Nature and Technology, Environmental Danger and the safeness of a garden. It is about appreciating every instant, every landscape as if they were the lasts, and feeling home everywhere Nature has settled. It is about the love of Botanics and the joy of saving it. It is the beauty of the object that transcends its materiality. It is a wish to manually testify the world in which we live in, to no look away from the horrors of existence, finding splendor everywhere you cast your eyes, even on the most absurd catastrophies.