NECTAR is an ode to Nature and Pollination. This season we’re exploring the lifespan of flowers and the Nature’s way of reproduction. Since Climate change, the Global balance is now at risk and 9% of Bee species are now endangered on the Europ continent. 
Diving in the bees journey, guarantors of Nature’s balance, this Spring-Summer collection is a call for awareness. 
This SS24 season is a depiction of the bees process : they are attracted by the Colors of the flowers’ petals on which they can perceive and understand the spots as guiding messages and drawings unintelligible for the the Human eye.
Nectar, sweet liquid chased by the bees, is the genesis of every botanical life on earth!
Photography : Virgile Reboul
Make-up/Hair : Sevil Tai
Models : Lise Sauve, Seven Liu